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3-Person Kayak Sprint in Support of Sports for Kids Timmins

Posted by Marnie Lapierre on August 2, 2019
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3 Person Kayak FUN EVENT







HGS Timmins is delighted to again sponsor a race at the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival!

The 200m Team Race will be held at 9am, Sunday, August 25th departing from the Mattagami River Bleachers.

*All registration fees will be donated to Sports for Kids Timmins

Additional Information:

-Online registration will be open until 4pm Thursday, August 22nd at:


-$60 per kayak, and registration is also available on the morning of the event 8:30am at the bleachers. (Cash only)

-Kayaks and paddles will be supplied, but paddlers need to supply their own life jacket.

HGS Timmins 130 Spruce Street South Telephone: 1-866-640-5238

Beavertails Fundraiser August 2-3

Posted by Marnie Lapierre on July 15, 2019
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The 11th Annual Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival Steering Committee is excited to announce that there will be a fundraising event at the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Centre parking lot (325 Second Avenue, Timmins)

Beavertails from North Bay will be set up on August 2nd & 3rd 2019. in the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Centre parking lot selling their delicious pastry! Proceeds from the sale of the Beavertails will support the Official 11th Annual Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival Get some on the Friday afternoon before the long weekend! Stop by on the Saturday and enjoy a yummy treat! (TIMES SUBJECT TO CHANGE – DETAILS BEING FINALIZED – PLEASE CHECK BACK CLOSER TO THE LONG WEEKEND)

Stop in the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Centre after your snack and tour the exhibits and tour the gift shop!

Registration Deadline Extended Until Aug 24 2018 at 4pm

Posted by Lacey Rigg on August 22, 2018
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In the spirit of the 10th Annual and the overwhelming uptake on paddler registrations we have decided to extend the deadline until 4pm on Friday August 24. Get those registrations in https://raceroster.com/events/2018/14118/the-10th-annual-great-canadian-kayak-challenge-and-festival

Young Eagle Indigenous Drummers & Dancers To Perform!

Posted by Marnie Lapierre on August 21, 2018
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The Steering Committee of The Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival are honoured to have Young Eagle Indigenous Drummers & Dancers return to present traditional Indigenous drumming and dancing on Saturday August 25th and Sunday August 26th during the festival.

Saturday 3 p.m. at Eastlink Stage 1

Sunday 12 p.m. at Eastlink Stage 1

Our local First Nation organizations provide the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival with an awe inspiring exhibition of the Indigenous community’s culture and heritage.  A program incorporating traditional ceremonies, spirituality, dancing, music, food, activities, vendors as well as interactive displays gives local attendees and visitors the opportunity to experience the traditions of Canada’s Indigenous  people. The Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival’s opening ceremonies of the festival are led by the First Nations with a 6 a.m. Sunrise Ceremony and lighting of the Sacred Fire and smudging, followed by the Blessing of the Water.

The Mattagami River was once the main waterway system that our people used to use to get from summer camp to their winter trap lines and neighbouring communities.  They would come from as far away as the James Bay coast by canoe.

This is a venue for Indigenous crafters, performers, healers, drummers, dancers and vendors to showcase their talents while educating and entertaining festival attendees and participants.  This portion of the festival is one of the most popular on site.










Steering Committee for the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival approved a request from the Timmins Fur Council to lead the 50:50 draw at this year’s festival. All proceeds from this initiative will be re-invested locally to support conservation & environmental projects including and not limited to:

  • Canoe/kayak route portage route clearing and maintenance,
  • Mattagami River sturgeon monitoring program,
  • Nuisance beaver dam mitigation,
  • Nuisance animal relocation,
  • Fish spawning bed restorations,
  • Fish stocking,
  • Wilderness garbage clean-up and public education
  • and more

The positive impacts from the work of the Timmins Fur Council does not go unnoticed and is extremely important from a tourism and quality of life. 

There will be three draws occuring at the Festival, August 24th, 25th and 26th.  Time to be determined.  Ticket purchasers must be present at the time of draw to win.

2018 Vendor Application Updated 03/19/2018

Posted by Marnie Lapierre on January 19, 2018
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Please note that vendor application has been updated as of March 19, 2018 regarding TSSA Regulations.




New Method To Register To Volunteer!

Posted by Marnie Lapierre on January 16, 2018
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The Steering Committee is EXCITED to share with you and all our potential VOLUNTEERS the new user-friendly method for you to sign up and communicate with the festival.

Initlive is the new online format that will assist this festival in registering and communicating with our valued Volunteers.  All information gathered is kept confidential and is not shared with any other organization or business.

To start the registration process, please click on this LINK

or copy and past  https://app.initlive.com/web-admin/app/index.html#/join-party?k=ujs5al8yqjotv1 into your web browser.

Paper registration forms are available at the Tourism Timmins office located at 325 Second Avenue, Timmins.


Applications Now Available for Food Vendor, Exhibitors and Sponsors!

Posted by Lacey Rigg on October 16, 2017
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The 10th Annual Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival are now accepting applications for Food Vendor, Exhibitors and Sponsors!


As part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival, the Steering Committee has invited The Timmins Fur Council to celebrate its 50th anniversary by hosting the official annual Rendezvous sponsored by the Ontario Fur Managers Federation (OFMF) on site at the 10th Annual Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival. The OFMF will  also be arriving in Timmins to hold its annual convention that same weekend and will be celebrating its 24th anniversary as part of the rendezvous on site at the festival.  In addition, the True North Brigade will arrive on our shores of the Mattagami River as they host a canoe voyage via Matheson, Iroquois Falls, Cochrane then back to Frederick House River over to Night Hawk Lake and then on to the Mattagami River for a brigade arrival at the kayak event with request to come ashore.

Stay tuned for more details about these three exciting historical events taking place at the 10th Annual Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival August 24th, 25th and 26th 2018!


Posted by Lacey Rigg on September 13, 2017
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The Travelling Foodie has published his article on the 10 Food and Travel Experiences You Must Do in Timmins, following a guided visit with our awesome Tourism Timmins staff!!

Check it out here:

10 Food and Travel Experiences You Must Do in Timmins, Ontario


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