Timmins kayaking

Rules & Regulations

For detailed race info & course maps, click here to view conditions and specifications.

Registration Information

Registrations close for Saturday Paddling Challenge on Thursday, August 23, 2018, at 4:00 pm. No Exceptions!

Registrations payable by cheque will not be accepted after August 17, 2018.

Registrations payable by cash and debit must be processed in person at Timmins Convention Bureau and Visitor Welcome Centre 325 2nd Ave Timmins On. Do not send cash by mail.

Individuals wishing to participate in one or more Challenges must submit a seperate registration form for each division they intend to compete in.

Paddler substitutions will not be accepted after 4:00 pm, Thursday August 23, 2018. Only registered paddlers will be allowed to participate in the category that he/she has registered in. Registered paddlers will not be allowed to move from one division to another after 4:00 pm on August 23, 2018.

Prize-payouts for each division will be proportionate to the number of registrations in that category. The estimated pay-out represents the  maximum pay-out based on 100% registration targets being met in each division.

Cancellation Policy

Registration forms will be processed only if accompanied by full payment of registration fees. Cancellations received in writing by August 17, 2018 will be refunded , less a 25 % administration fee. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after August 17, 2018.  The Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival Committee reserves the right to cancel this event due to insufficient registrations and any circumstances beyond their control, in which case registration fees will be refunded in full.

Personal information collected will be used strictly for event-related purposes and will not be released to third-parties.

Boat Information/Restrictions

All kayaks will be inspected prior to start time to verify size compliance and to ensure safety requirements are met.

All sea, touring and recreational kayaks are permitted. Surf-skis and specialized racing kayaks (boats with a length to width ratio greater than 10.65:1) are prohibited, unless otherwise indicated. Boats with rudders and/or skegs are permitted. Kayaks must have internal storage compartments (bulkheads), storage deck rigging or storage compartments to carry all the gear required for the race. Kayaks must be paddled with the use of double-blade paddles only. Please refer to boat restrictions specific to divisions.

The Great Canadian Kayak Challenge has adopted its own length to width ratio for determining the suitability of sea kayaks for these challenges. The permitted dry boat length to width ratio is 10.65:1. This measurement will allow paddlers owning expedition sea kayaks from virtually all manufacturers the opportunity to participate.

Kayaks with a dry boat length to width ratio greater than 10.65:1 are prohibited,unless otherwise indicated. (The length will be measured from the tip of the bow to the tip of the stern and the width will be measured at the widest midship width).

How to Calculate Boat Size

EXAMPLE: Length of boat: 18’= 216 inches, width of boat= 20.5 inches, 216 divided by 20.5=10.54 length to width ratio (PERMITTED)

Length of boat:19’=228 inches, width of Boat: 21 inches, 228 divided by 21=10.86 length to width ratio (PROHIBITED)

The Elite Challenge is intended for recreational or expedition style sea kayaks only with closed cock pits.

The Recreational Challenge, Novice Challenge, Seniors Recreational Challenge, Youth Challenge and Celebrity Challenge are intended for recreational kayaks and includes closed cockpit kayaks, open cockpit kayaks and sit on top kayaks. Recreational kayaks must have storage deck rigging or storage compartments for all personal and safety gear required for the challenge. Recreational kayaks in this division must not exceed 14’4″ in length.

All kayaks MUST be equipped with a safety kit (as per Ontario Boating Regulations). Every safety kit MUST include: a buoyant 15 m rope, a bailer or manual water pump, a whistle (to be attached to life jacket) and a flashlight.

Race Information


Based on survey opinions over the past years and in the interest of leveling the playing field, The GCKC  sub-committee have implemented the following;

  • Some divisions will have boat restrictions of plastic or carbon/fiber glass kayaks, please read through boat restrictions in all divisions to ensure you are in the correct one.
  • The Elite Challenge will be reduced to 32kms from 35kms and will incorporate the Mountjoy River again as well as two 100 metre portages.
  • Please note though you will be paddling with male and females, you are only competing against your respective gender for overall challenge.

Paddling equipment, personal flotation devices, safety kits and whistles will NOT be provided by the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge.

All participants MUST wear a CSA approved personal floatation device with a whistle attached to the front.

Participants MUST check in at least one hour before their start time. Welcome packages including race bib will be provided and registrants MUST sign a waiver of liability and model release form at this time. Participants MUST attend a pre-challenge briefing that will be held before challenge start time(s).

Participants MUST ensure that their race number is visible at all times.

Participants MUST complete the challenge without assistance.

At each of the checkpoints, participants MUST identify themselves to the check-point attendant(s). This is to ensure the safety of all participants and volunteers on the river.

Participants may only get out of their boats at check points to take breaks or stretch.

All participants MUST display courtesy to fellow competitors, avoiding interference and boat or paddle contact.

Elite Challenge Portage

For participants registered in the Elite Challenge, kayak carts may be used for the portage however should a participant elect to use the cart, he/she must carry the cart on the boat’s hull for the duration of the challenge.


Kayaks and all safety equipment is available at the following dealers:


All participants are encouraged to carry sunscreen, insect repellant, a hat, sunglasses and a windshell.

All participants are encouraged to bring rain gear.

All participants are encouraged to carry energy snacks and drinking water/juice. One litre per hour is recommended.

All participants are encouraged to carry a kayak pump.

Liabilities & Risk

— Click here for detailed information on Liabilities & Risk